A case of rashes over a month.
Rahul Roy
A case of rashes over a month.
45yr male. H/o dyslipidemia, hyperuricemia, diverticulosis is having this rash for over a month.
Has tried antiallergics, doxyclycine, topical antibiotics to topical steroids.
But yet the rash progresses.
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Dr. N●●●●l S●●w
Dr. N●●●●l S●●w Internal Medicine
Familial dyslipidimia may be causing fat to be deposited in skin
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N●●●●l J●●●●h
N●●●●l J●●●●h General Medicine
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A●●●●●●●n H●●●●r
A●●●●●●●n H●●●●r General Medicine
It can be multiple seborrhoeic keratosis (leser trelat sign). GI malignancy can be suspected
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