A case of traumatic inferior hip dislocation
The present case has been reported in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine.

A 42-year-old woman presented to the emergency department (ED) after a high-speed motor vehicle crash. On arrival, the patient was hemodynamically stable but appeared uncomfortable and was complaining of severe left hip pain.

On physical examination, the left lower extremity was neurovascularly intact but the left hip was flexed and the left leg was abducted and externally rotated. Given the history and physical examination findings, a radiograph and CT scan of the hip were obtained.

The radiograph showed an inferior left hip dislocation, a subgroup of anterior hip dislocations. There were no associated fractures or free bodies in the joint space. Given the reassuring imaging, a closed reduction under procedural sedation was performed in the ED with caudal traction, with internal rotation while downward pressure was applied to the ipsilateral anterior superior iliac spine.

After successful reduction, a repeated CT scan was performed and the patient was given a knee immobilizer and a hip abduction pillow.

Major takeaway:-
Because traumatic hip dislocations are often associated with additional injury, a postreduction CT should be performed because it is the image modality of choice to assess for associated fractures or intra-articular pathology.

Source: https://pxmd.co/BLTJX