A case report of an asymptomatic male child with multiple En
Foreign body ingestion cases are very common in children. They usually present with obvious symptoms allowing proper diagnosis and management; however, magnet ingestion can be asymptomatic. This disorder is considered uncommon as well as challenging to diagnose before complications of intestinal obstruction or peritonitis occur due to entrapment of intestinal walls in the magnetic field.

An asymptomatic four-year-old male child was admitted to our centre after passing two bullet-shaped magnets in stool that were noticed by his mother. The child was asymptomatic.

An abdominal X-ray revealed five bullet-shaped magnets in the lower abdomen. Laboratory investigations were normal except for a mild leukocytosis. Surgery was performed with excision of seven entero-enteric fistulae and two intestinal anastomoses.

Source: Internal Journal of Surgery Case reports

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