A contact lens that monitors eye pressure and administers gl
Glaucoma is pressure within parts of the eye that leads to optic nerve damage, which can result in partial or complete blindness. It difficult to treat due to seemingly random changes in eye pressure—patients cannot feel when the pressure increases, and thus do not know when to apply their eye drops.

The lens is double-layered with a pocket of air between layers. The air pocket serves as part of a cantilevered electrical system—pressure from within the eye squeezes the air pocket, alerting the electronic components of the need to administer brimonidine, which is pushed by a small electric current from the underside of the lens across the cornea and into the eye. The outer layer is made with six copper plates that serve as activators arranged in a ring around the pupil.

The design includes tiny modules of brimonidine along its rim, arranged so as not to obstruct vision. The researchers note that the contact lens is minimally invasive and gives the iris of the patient a golden hue. They also note that it is wireless and battery-free and could conceivably be used to treat a wide variety of eye conditions. It also could be paired with a smartphone app to give patients information regarding the health of their eyes. The researchers have tested their lens thus far on rabbits and pigs and found it capable of continuously monitoring eye pressure changes and of administering brimonidine when it was needed.

Source: https://medicalxpress.com/news/2022-05-contact-lens-eye-pressure-glaucoma.html