A doctor's oldest and best friend 'stethoscope'
The stethoscope is 202 years old. In 1816, a French physician named Rene Laennec did not feel comfortable pressing his ear to a female patient’s chest to listen what was going on. So he rolled a sheet of paper into a long tube. He placed one end on the woman’s chest and the other end on his ear.

He was "surprised and elated to be able to hear the beating of her heart with far greater clearness than with direct application of his ear." Laennec discovered that heart sounds could be clearly appreciated using this device, so he spent 3 years testing and correcting his design.

He settled for a hollow tube of wood with a 3.5cm diameter and 25cm length. Laënnec’s portable instrument was fitted with a plug, and he used it to listen to the heart and lungs. His invention was the precursor of the modern stethoscope.

One may think that with all the advances in technology today, like the highly detailed images of an ultrasound or an MRI scanner, the stethoscope would fall behind. But, it seems the stethoscope is still a versatile and cost-effective tool. It allows doctors to detect early signs of illness for a relatively manageable budget.

At a time when new diagnostic technologies threaten to render the stethoscope obsolete, doctors are shown to want to retain the instrument as a symbol of the skill and knowledge they possess, but which they believe to be increasingly devalued and undermined in modern medicine.

What do you think? Is stethoscope obsolete instrument in the era of technology?

Please express your views in the comment section below!

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Dr. S●●●s  K●●●●●●i
Dr. S●●●s K●●●●●●i Community Medicine
Nothing else required except good ears, cost effective.
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Dr. S●●●●●●●●●U B●●●●●I
Dr. S●●●●●●●●●U B●●●●●I Internal Medicine
Doctor is identified by stethoscope , especially in peripheral areas. Old lessons still valid; use stethoscopes before taking Chest X-ray and before putting echo probe. Intestinal sounds are heard only by stethoscope and frequently we use stethoscope to position the Ryeles tube correctly. I feel stethoscope can’t be dispensed with.
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A●●●●h M●●u
A●●●●h M●●u Neurology
Nowadays we have lots of technological advancements which is really helpful to update the existing stethoscope to modern one, Which can provide more features. Technological advancement is always in favor of existing instruments, If we apply it in a proper direction.
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