A fetus surviving a prenatal penetrating gunshot injury
A fetus surviving a prenatal penetrating gunshot injury is rarely encountered. Published in the Journal of Pediatric Surgery Case Reports, the authors report the case of a 26-week pregnant mother shot in the abdomen.

Her uterine wound was missed at exploration, and when the baby was born 6 weeks later, the bullet was found in the superficial soft tissues of his posterior neck. It was removed without difficulty, and the baby, the youngest trauma patient ever, recovered without sequelae.

A 19 year old woman, G1P0, 26 weeks pregnant, presented to the emergency department of our adjacent Level 1 Adult Trauma Center with two bullet wounds. Entrance wounds were noted in her left upper thigh and the left lower quadrant of her abdomen.

Obstetrical ultrasound assessment was performed – the fetus was viable with good heart tones and sufficient amniotic fluid. Radiographs of the mother revealed a bullet in the pelvic area and a fragment in the left thigh. Two metal fragments visualized within the pelvis with notation that they possibly were in the uterus and adjacent to the fetal skull.

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Incidence is like a miracle as the fetus survived. Nature is always great !!
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