A giant sacrococcygeal teratoma in adult female: A case repo
Sacrococcygealteratoma is very rare in adults with only few cases reported in literature. It is a slow growing benign cystic tumor with 1-2% chance for malignant transformation and may attain a huge size causing pressure effect on pelvic and intra-abdominal organs. When grows caudally, it causes discomfort, skin excoriation and cosmetic disfigurement.

The present case has been reported in the Internation Journal of Surgery Case Reports, the authors present a case of a giant, long-standing sacrococcygeal teratoma in an adult female patient which caused her significant obstructing lower gastrointestinal and urinary symptoms besides the discomfort and disfigurement of the sacral region.

Diagnosis of this case was suspected by clinical examination, ultrasound and MRI while histopathology confirmed the diagnosis. It was completely excised along with the coccyx with primary wound closure and had a good postoperative recovery. Up till now, 18 months follow-up using clinical, biochemical and radiological assessment revealed no evidence of recurrence.

Major takeaways:-
- Sacrococcygeal teratoma should be considered in the differential diagnosis of large pelvic masses in adults.

- In the presence of an extra-corporal and deep intra pelvic extension, it is recommended that the posterior perineal approach for excision as it has convenient control over the mass during surgery and good cosmetic results.

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