A giant ’staghorn' rhinolith in a 15-year-old: BMJ case repo
The authors herein describe a case of a 15-year-old girl who presented to with long-standing right-sided rhinorrhoea which was occasionally foul-smelling and blood-stained with no other symptom of note.

She had been treated many times with antibiotics. On examination, a rhinolith was discovered impacted posteriorly in right nasal cavity with mucopurulent discharge.

Plain X-ray and later CT scan of paranasal sinuses confirmed the diagnosis but it was found to be large in size with irregular shape like a ‘staghorn’. It was removed under general anaesthesia and she recovered uneventfully.

Learning points:-

• Rhinolith is a relatively rare finding and should be suspected in cases of chronic foul-smelling rhinorrhoea with hard irregular palpable object in the nasal cavity.

• Sometimes rhinolith may not manifest in plain X-ray and CT scan may be needed.

• Large rhinolith requires removal under general anaesthesia and some bleeding may be expected.

Read more here: https://casereports.bmj.com/content/11/1/e227587
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