A girl with a giant fibrolipoma in her thoracic cavity: a ca
Fibrolipoma is an uncommon subtype of lipoma. On the basis of the results of a survey of the PubMed database, only approximately a dozen cases in children have been described in which the histological diagnosis of fibrolipoma has been confirmed. In children, fibrolipomas have been reported in the eyelids, ears, lips, nasopharynx, mouth, and other locations but not in the thoracic cavity. We present the case of a 15-year-old girl with a giant fibrolipoma in the left side of her thoracic cavity.

A 15-year-old Chinese girl presented with chest tightness and exercise-induced shortness of breath of 4 months’ duration. Computed tomography revealed a giant mixed-density space-occupying lesion in the left side of her thoracic cavity, originating possibly from the pleura. Radiological findings were inconclusive and failed to exclude malignant mesenchymal tumor. After excluding malignant tumor with two needle biopsies and identifying the tumor’s feeding blood vessels by computed tomography angiography examination, our treatment plan was, first, embolization of the tumor’s blood vessels by digital subtraction angiography and, second, to remove the tumor by thoracotomy.

Source: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2019 13:140

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