A large squamous cell carcinoma over the zygoma- a rare pres

Background & Objectives:
The use of Mustarde advancement rotational cheek flap for moderate to advance facial defects is a simple and effective alternative among other local, regional, free flaps like rhomboid flap, bilobed flap, cervical flap and for
repair of the large defect of the facial skin with microvascular free flap like rectus abdominis free flap are used for facial
reconstruction. Instead of using more complex free flaps, this flap can be considered as an alternative.

Mustarde advancement rotational cheek was harvested by carrying superior part of incision cephalad towards temple.

Result & Interpretation:
Defect site showed satisfactory healing with reduced morbidity with satisfactory result.

Mustarde advancement rotational cheek flap proved to be useful alternative for surgeons for reconstruction of large
facial defects with minimal morbidity. It can definitely replace the other complex flaps in most instances.
In this article, we report the use of Mustarde advancement rotational cheek flap to reconstruct the facial defect....