A live birth after spontaneous complete chorioamniotic membr
Spontaneous complete chorioamniotic membrane separation (CMS) without invasive fetal procedure is extremely rare and associated with adverse perinatal outcomes.

The present case has been reported in the Obstet Gynecol Sci. A woman with complete CMS which was detected at the 21 weeks' gestation. She did not take any fetal invasive procedures before the diagnosis. At 27 weeks' gestation, an emergency Caesarean section was performed because of fetal distress. The defect of the uterine muscle was detected on the fundus. The baby has grown well without any morbidity.

Key takeaways:-
- This is the first reported case of complete CMS relative to uterine scar.

- And the authors suggest that the pregnancy can be maintained successfully if there is no fetal abnormality when complete CMS is detected on ultrasound.

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