A male patient 60 year old came to dept of Oral medicine wit
Dr. Rathish S
A male patient 60 year old came to dept of Oral medicine with chief complaint of deposits on his teeth and wanted to clean it. Pt was a chronic smoker for 10 years and quit before 5 years.
On examination
1) limited mouth opening (3cm) ,
2) whitish grey areas interspersed with reddish patches present on buccal mucosa bilaterally which was tender on palpation,
3) smooth shiny surfaced tongue indicating loss of papillae
4) shrunken uvula losing its normal mobility
5) generalized gingival recession with Ca++ and St+ present with generalized grade 1 mobility
On palpation ,
1) firm fibrous buccal mucosa bilaterally
2) Tenderness on palpation of buccal mucosa bilaterally
diagnosis :
1) chronic generalized periodontitis
2) oral submucous fibrosis

treatment plan :

1) Pt was advised to quit smoking
2) Tab SM.Fibro for 30 days --- 60 tablets was prescribed
3) advise scaling and root planing and curettage for deeper pockets
Pt recalled after 30 days for follow-up

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Can prescribe Leucopene as well!
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