A male patient with tender liver.
Dr. Chetan Choudhary
A male patient with tender liver.
A 45 years male resident of a poor hyginicitic village with low socioeconomic status has complaint of fever (with nausea and vomiting) since 15 days which generally rises in day time and not relieved by medications. He also complains of severe pain in right hypochondrium region which was radiating to the chest and could not be localised. He feels difficulty in micturation with increased frequency and less urin output.
O/E - pulse rate - 84/min
temprature- 98.6F
mild icterus is seen.
P/A - Tenderness is present in right hypochondrium and right lumbar region.
Splenomegaly is not seen. Liver is palpable. No Fluied diposition and no significant findings on purcussion.
what should be the probable diagnosis and treatment plan ?
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Dr. n●●a  p●●●●●●i
Dr. n●●a p●●●●●●i General Medicine
Hydatid cyst or amebic liver abscess
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Dr. S●●●t G●●i General Medicine
What is the cause of burning micturation??
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