A modified approach for elbow arthroscopy using an adjustabl
Position shifting from elbow arthroscopy to open surgery could complicate the surgical procedures; patient safety and risks of contamination are of concern. The aim of this study is to retrospectively assess the safety and efficacy of elbow arthroscopy in 32 elbows of 32 patients using a modified arm holder to facilitate subsequent open surgery in supine position.

We performed a retrospective study in arthroscopy of the elbow performed with patients in the supine position under general or regional anesthesia. Arthroscopic indications were intraarticular lesions with or without second disorders. The operated arm was securely supported using an adjustable arm holder, which allowed a second surgical procedure without repositioning the patient. We recorded arthroscopic findings, clinical outcome, and complications for all patients. The average duration of follow-up was 17.1 months. Functional assessment was based on the Mayo Elbow Performance Score.

Arthroscopy of the elbow using an adjustable arm holder with the patients in the supine position was safe and efficacious. This procedure eliminates the need for repositioning the patient and thus may facilitate subsequent concomitant surgical procedures.