A neglected case of Klippel Trenaunay Weber syndrome
This congenital vascular disorder is described by a “triad” of symptoms affecting one or more limbs. The “triad” constitutes varicose veins, cutaneous hemangioma, with bone and soft tissue hypertrophy. The cutaneous hemangioma presents as a substantial port-wine stain or nevus. Varicose veins are often very numerous. Bone and soft tissue hypertrophy is variable in presentation and the affected limb may be either larger or smaller than the normal limb. This disorder is generally reported in childhood or adolescent age groups.

Case Report
Male patient, 30-year-old presented to us with complaints of dilated veins over outer aspect of left limb since birth. Dilatation over his limb aggravated on standing and walking and relieved on lying down or raising his limb.
On clinical examination cutaneous hyper pigmentation with raised margins (port wine stains) was seen on outer aspect of his left lower limb extending from mid-thigh to mid-calf region. Multiple varicose veins were seen on his left lower leg. The differences between both limb measurements were striking as length 31 inches/33 inches, calf girth 12 inches/15 inches, mid-thigh girth 16 inches/18 inches in right and left lower limb, respectively, showing left lower limb hypertrophy. Incompetent saphenofemoral junction was seen on Trendelenberg test.