A novel biofilm removal approach utilizing erythritol air-po
Biofilm removal using erythritol AIRFLOW® and ultrasonic piezo-electric instruments (Guided Biofilm Therapy/GBT) is effective, finds this study.

The objective was to evaluate the effectiveness of biofilm removal of a treatment protocol combining an air-abrasive device using erythritol powder (AIRFLOW®) and an ultrasonic piezon instrumentation (Guided Biofilm Therapy/GBT) compared to the conventional mechanical approach (Scaling and Root Planing/SRP) during supportive periodontal treatment (SPT).

Fifty patients, scheduled for supportive periodontal treatment, were randomly assigned to either a GBT (group A: 24 participants) or an SRP (Group B: 26 participants) treatment protocol. Therapeutic interventions and clinical measurements were performed at baseline and repeated at 6 weeks. Oral hygiene instructions were reinforced at each visit. A questionnaire was handed to the participants for evaluation of the patient perception of both utilized approaches.

- At 6 weeks, the two groups showed a statistically significant reduction in plaque score and in the gingival bleeding index compared to baseline.

- GBT required approximately 15% less chair-time than SRP with a mean difference of 5.1 minutes, which was statically significant. The patient perception was more favorable for GBT than SRP.

Biofilm removal using erythritol AIRFLOW® and ultrasonic piezo-electric instruments (GBT) can be considered equally efficient compared to the conventional SRP. Moreover, GBT seemed to require a shorter treatment time and to exhibit a more favorable patient perception than the conventional approach.

International Journal of Dental Hygiene
Source: https://doi.org/10.1111/idh.12533
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