A novel case of chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis
Chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis (CMC) with overlapping features of autoimmune polyendocrinopathy candidiasis ectodermal dystrophy syndrome and hyper IgE syndrome is extremely rare in literature. Timely diagnosis of an underlying etiology and proper treatment of a case of CMC may provide a better quality of life of the patient. The present case has been reported in the Indian Journal of Paediatric Dermatology.

CMC is a clinical entity where extensive fungal infection of skin, hair, nail, and mucosa with Candida sp. is seen. It has got association with several immunological and endocrinal dysfunctions.

The authors report a case of a 14-year-old boy who presented with peculiar facies, gross failure to thrive, fungal granulomatous lesions with scaring alopecia, oropharyngeal candidiasis, ectodermal dystrophy, grade 3 clubbing of all four limbs, interstitial keratitis with leukoma due to recurrent corneal ulcerations, and persistent deciduous teeth.

A diagnosis of CMC was made and evaluation of immunological pathways revealed a high titer of immunoglobulin E.

The child was treated with a combination of fluconazole and itraconazole. Protein and calorie rich diet with vitamins and micronutrients supplementation was given. Corneal ulcer was treated with mega dose of Vitamin A as well antibiotic eye drop.

Oral co-trimoxazole was also added considering a case of immunodeficiency though sepsis screen came out to be negative. Appetite and general condition of the child improved after 10 days of treatment and he was discharged with an advice of regular follow-up.

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