A novel total body digital photography smartphone applicatio
Although some smartphone applications are designed for total body photography (TBP), few offer the specificity that enables self-as well as dermatologists -, detection of new lesions, or change in lesion color or in size as little as 1mm, on an ongoing basis. The aim of this study is to assess the sensitivity of a novel TBP application in the detection of changes to color and size of simulated skin lesions.

Twenty-five subjects underwent one study visit. After baseline photography, new artificial markings were made, or naturally occurring pigmented lesions located in any anatomical region were enhanced/enlarged, and a second matching set of photographs was then taken. From all 25 subjects, a total of 262 skin markings were evaluable. Of these, 241 (92%) were detected by the app, which resulted in an overall sensitivity of 92%. The high sensitivity establishes the app as capable of providing reliable self-TBP that allows detection and monitoring of new skin lesions or changes in both size and color. This method greatly enhances the ability to accomplish ongoing self-monitoring and yet provides quality informing images to the dermatologist to assist in decision-making with the patient.