A periodontist is a doctor/dentist who specializes in the pr
Dr. Sweta  Sharma
A periodontist is a doctor/dentist who specializes in the prevention, examination, and treatment of diseases affecting the gums. Not only this, they also handle the cases of dental implants and look after the distinct structures supporting the teeth. An individual can consult Dr. Abhinav Kathuria, the best periodontist in Gurgaon who specializes in immediate loading implants and pterygoid implants at Aspen Dental Clinic in Gurgaon. Aspen Dental Clinic is also the first tri-specialty clinic having the top pediatric surgeon in Gurgaon. Dr. Shefali Kaul is a pediatric dentist who specializes in a child's oral health and has experience in child behavior. She believes in providing a cry-free, pleasant dental experience for each child by using the Tell-Show-Do method. This method helps the child to understand the tools used for the treatment, which results in their comfort throughout. To consult the best pediatric dentist in Gurgaon, visit Aspen Dental. Visit : -https://www.aspendentals.com/services/adult-dentistry/periodontal-gums-treatment/
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