A rare case of Strongyloides hyperinfection from hypogammagl
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"strongyloides infection can range from asymptomatic eosinophilia to disseminated disease. Common in tropical and subtropical nations, it can lead to hyperinfection, an autoinfection increasing parasitic burden in immunocompromised. Cell-mediated immunity is important in combating parasite infection. We present a case of Strongyloides hyperinfection in hypogammaglobulinemia which was refractory to conventional treatment but responded to immunoglobulin administration with complete resolution indicating role of humoral immunity also.A 57-year-old male patient was admitted with 1 and ü months diarrhea, weight loss, intermittent fever, right loin pain, intermittent abdominal pain, and small volume diarrhea of 3–4 episodes/day for 7–8 months with weight loss of 8 kg over 8 months. No prior comorbidities. He denied fever, vomiting, cough, urinary symptoms. Recurrent infections, history of tuberculosis, or tuberculosis contact. History not suggestive of exposure to cattle or pets and reported consumption of cooked food mostly and reported no food intolerance. He lives in rural South India and use to walk bare footed in his farm, consume alcohol daily, denied intravenous (IV) drug abuse, or high-risk sexual behavior. He was not on steroids or immunosuppressive drugs. Married, blessed with two children and his other family members were reported healthy. "...