A rare case of gangrenous hydrosalpinx
Adnexal torsion constitutes approximately 3% of Gynaecological emergencies and is one of the causes of acute abdominal pain in a woman. 1 Here we describe a unique case of a gangrenous hydrosalpinx which presented with acute abdominal pain and was clinically diagnosed as a twisted ovarian cyst....

Case Report
A 30 year old woman, married since 5 years, Para- 1, Living-1, Abortion-1 presented to a tertiary care centre with history of dull aching abdominal pain since 8 days. There was no history of abdominal distension, altered bowel or bladder movement. There was no history of fever. Her previous menstrual cycles were regular and her last cycle was 1½ months earlier. She had undergone an Emergency Caesarean section 2 years ago, followed by an Emergency Curettage 1 year ago for an incomplete abortion. On examination, she was conscious and
oriented, afebrile, Pulse- 92/min, BP- 110/70 mm of Hg, No pallor/ icterus, cardiovascular and respiratory system were normal. Abdominal examination revealed a Pfannenstiel scar which was well healed, no incisional hernia; there was abdominal guarding present and a mass of 8x10cm in the hypogastrium and right iliac fossa, arising from the pelvis, with smooth surface, regular margins and was tender...