A rare case of lipoleiomyoma of the vulva
In clinical practice, smooth muscle tumors of the vulva are rarely encountered. The histopathological subtype and grading is of utmost importance to the clinician and the patient. Diagnosis is based on clinical presentation, radiological, cyto-histological examination, and recently by application of immunohistochemical (IHC) markers.

Leiomyomas occasionally occur with unusual patterns, making their identification more challenging clinically, radiologically, and cyto-histologically.

Published in the Journal of Mid-life Health, the authors report a case of a 38-year-old female, gravida 2 and para 2 who presented with a left sided mass in the vulvar region. It was noticed one year back, which was small initially and gradually increased to the present size. Local examination showed 3 Χ 3 cm, nontender, well defined, soft to firm swelling in the labium majus. Overlying skin was unremarkable. Systemic examination findings were noncontributory. FNAC was advised.

FNAC revealed moderately cellular smears composed of tissue fragments of cells with indistinct cell margins, moderate amount of eosinophilic cytoplasm and spindly nuclei of varying size. Few adipocytes were seen entrapped within the spindle cell fragments.

Background was hemorrhagic. Cytological report of benign spindle cell lesion with differential diagnosis of spindle cell lipoma and leiomyoma was offered. The complete excision of the lesion was advised for histopathological confirmation.

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