A rare case of rubber band syndrome of wrist with distal rad
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Rubber band syndrome (acquired constriction band syndrome, Dhaga Syndrome) is a unique infective syndrome due to forgotten band tied around the wrist. Linear constricting scar with pus discharging sinus around the wrist are cardinal features of this syndrome and is uniquely seen in children .

A two-year-old boy was presented with multiple discharging sinus at the wrist and inability to move the fingers and thumb of the right hand for one month. A linear circumferential constriction mark with multiple discharging sinuses was noted at the wrist. Sensation to the distal portions of the linear mark was absent and finger movements were grossly restricted. The child had low grade fever but had no gangrenous changes in the hand.

Radiological examination showed fracture of distal radius and ulna with marked periosteal reaction. Surgical exploration (combined volar and dorsal approach) revealed a rubber band lying in a plane deep to the muscles and tightly encircling the radius and ulna . The tendons and neurovascular structures were found to be in continuity. The band was removed. No attempt was made to repair any structure. The child was immobilized in dorsal splint.

The sinus healed in three weeks and the wound culture was sterile. The fractures healed well and recovery of soft tissue (tendons, neurovascular) were noted 7 months post operatively. The removal of the band led to complete recovery of hand function within 3 months of the surgery.

The prognosis of the surgical removal of rubber band is good without need for major reconstruction of the tendon, nerves and bone.

source : https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0972978X20300106