A rare case of sinonasal glomangiopericytoma post operative
Glomangiopericytoma is a rare neoplasm of low malignant potential. It is a rare type of haemangiopericytoma located in nasal cavity.

This is a case of 65 year old male who presented in outpatient department in tertiary care institute. Presenting symptoms were pain in nasal cavity with occasional bloody discharge. The previous surgery was done by otolaryngologist. CT scan done prior to the first surgery was reported as polypoidal mucosal thickening in sphenoid sinus with complete opacification.

There was neither erosion of seller floor nor intracranial extension. No histopathology report was done prior to the surgery. The final histopathology report after the surgery was reported as respiratory mucosa with a submucosal tumor with plasmacytoid and focally spindled morphology in myxoid to vascularized stroma and differential diagnosis was given as minor salivary gland neoplasm, nasal tumor and extraosseous myeloma

Source: International journal of surgery case reports

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