A rare case report of peri-implant bone necrosis
Espite the long-term predictability of the implants, however, biological, technical and esthetic complications do occur. The use of osseointegrated implants as a foundation for prosthetic replacement of missing teeth has been highly predictable, but still at present, there is no consensus of how to best manage the complications occurring after implant placement.

In this report, published in the Contemporary Clinical Dentistry, post-insertion complication of bone necrosis and its successful management.

A male patient, aged 20 years, reported to the Department of Periodontology and Oral Implantology with the chief complaint of replacement of missing right lower back tooth. Patient wanted the fixed replacement of tooth (#46), but without getting the adjacent teeth grinded. Therefore, treatment option of implant with its benefits and risks was explained to the patient and an informed written consent was procured from him.

A thorough medical, dental and personal history of the patient was recorded. Patient was found to be systemically and periodontally healthy. The patient revealed that he was an off and on social drinker. The adverse effects of alcohol on healing were explained and the patient was asked to abstain from alcohol during the treatment and healing period.

Diagnostic casts were made along with radiographic assessment of the implant site. A computed tomographic (CT) scan of the site was also obtained to accurately assess the dimensions of the site as well as the bone density. The mesiodistal dimension of the implant site was 8 mm and bucco-lingual dimension was 5 mm.

The distance of alveolar crest from the anatomical structures like mental foramen and infra-alveolar canal was 16 mm. All the necessary preoperative hematological investigations were carried out before implant placement. Implant surgery was planned for the placement of one piece immediate loading implant (TRX-OP) with of diameter 2.8 mm and length of 13 mm.

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