A rare presentation of Klippel–Trenaunay syndrome with bilat
Case Report
A man in his 40s presented to our hospital with a complaint of lower limb discomfort. He was suffering from recurrent cellulitis of bilateral lower legs which probably was due to lymphangitis. He had also been diagnosed with asymptomatic KTS years ago, for which no treatment had been required at that time. Radiograph of bilateral legs revealed cortical hypertrophy of the bilateral lower limbs (Fig. 1A). Ultrasonography of lower extremities revealed dilation of superficial veins, retrograde flow of bilateral great saphenous veins and lateral marginal veins (Fig. 1C), all of which were present bilaterally. Computed tomography (CT) venography also revealed dilation of superficial veins in bilateral lower limbs, persistent with the bilateral lateral marginal veins and left sciatic vein (Fig. 2). Soft tissue density area was noted, centered in dorsal subcutaneous fat layer of the right foot and left posteromedial leg (Fig. 2). No lymphovascular malformation in the abdominal region was detected on CT. Magnetic resonance (MR) venography confirmed dilation of superficial lower limb veins (Fig. 3A). Short-tau inversion-recovery (STIR) MR imaging detected high signal intensity mass lesions in areas corresponding to CT findings, indicating multiple lymphovascular malformation in subcutaneous fat layer of bilateral feet (Fig. 3B)......