A therapeutic challenge for an unusual type 2 dens invaginat
The present case has been published in the journal Endodontology. A 17-year-old female patient was referred by her dentist for the treatment of her upper right central incisor.

The patient presented to her dentist with the chief complaints of mild pain and swelling that has lasted for a week. Meanwhile, the tooth had been accessed, and palatal access cavity was temporarily filled. Moreover, the patient suffers from hypodontia and was in the treatment plan of orthodontic. Given to this clinical situation, the orthodontist insisted for maintaining the affected tooth.

Clinical examination showed pain on palpation and percussion on the concerned tooth. There is no discoloration, periodontal probing depths were no >2 mm, and the vitality cold test was negative. Moreover, the tooth 12 had an unusual shape and presents cervical notches palatally.

Radiographic examination with different angle has showed periapical radiolucent lesion and the aspect of an invagination. Considering the unusual anatomy, cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) imaging (sections of 1.0 mm thickness) was performed to assess the anatomy of the invagination. The cross-sectional images of tooth confirmed the presence of periapical radiolucent lesion and a type II invagination.

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