A total laparoscopic treatment strategy for Amyand’s hernia
The presence of a vermiform appendix in an inguinal hernia sac is known as Amyand’s hernia. It is even rarer with complicated appendicitis. Formerly it was treated via an open groin approach; recently there are new trends involving the use of laparoscopy for reduction and management of appendix. Conversely the role of laparoscopy in the following hernia repair was less discussed, with no standard care. We reported a case of Amyand’s hernia complicated with appendix which was managed via a total laparoscopic strategy.

A 49-year-old male presented with right groin mass with progressive pain for 3 days. Physical exams revealed incarcerated right inguinal hernia. Amyand's hernia with acute appendicitis was diagnosed preoperatively via computed tomography (CT). Emergent diagnostic laparoscopy was performed. Appendix was reduced, with appendectomy justified for signs of appendicitis. An interval total extraperitoneal (TEP) hernioplasty was performed 3 month later, with no adverse events postoperatively.

Source: International Journal of Surgery case reports

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