A tubo-ovarian abscess mimicking an appendiceal abscess: a r
A tubo-ovarian abscess (TOA) is a potentially life-threatening inflammatory process and a true obstetrical and gynecological emergency. A 47-year-old female with a significant past medical history of dysfunctional uterine bleeding and uterine leiomyomas presented to the ED with the chief complaint of upper and mid right-sided abdominal pain of 2 weeks duration.

The abdominal pain was described as sharp in nature, intermittent and progressing in intensity. Her associated symptoms included anorexia, vomiting and pyrexia up to 101.6°F, which prompted her ED visit. She denied any vaginal discharge, vaginal bleeding or concern for any sexually transmitted diseases. She stated these symptoms felt different than her normal abdominal pain from her uterine leiomyomas.

Given the negative pregnancy test, no gynecological complaints and no lower quadrant tenderness, the decision was made to proceed with a computed tomography (CT) of the abdomen/pelvis with intravenous (IV) contrast, as opposed to performing a transvaginal ultrasound.

Source: Oxford Medical Case Reports, Volume 2019, Issue 8, August 2019

Read more: https://academic.oup.com/omcr/article/2019/8/omz071/5545639
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