A woman's bladder 'brewed' its own alcohol, tripping drug te
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Microbes in the woman's bladder were fermenting sugar into alcohol, causing her to test positive on a urine drug test.

When a woman in Pennsylvania needed a life-saving liver transplant, she repeatedly ran up against one vexing problem: She kept testing positive for alcohol — which disqualified her from a transplant — even though she swore she hadn't been drinking.

Doctors later discovered that something quite strange was going on: Microbes in the woman's bladder were fermenting alcohol, according to a new report of the case.
The woman's condition is similar to a rare disorder called "auto-brewery syndrome" (ABS), in which microbes in the gastrointestinal tract convert carbohydrates into alcohol, where patients could get drunk while eating carbs. But in the woman's case, the fermentation was taking place in her bladder, the alcohol didn't get from the bladder into the bloodstream, so the woman didn't appear intoxicated.

The woman's condition was so rare that it didn't even have a name yet. Her doctors proposed calling it "urinary auto-brewery syndrome" or "bladder fermentation syndrome."

The 61-year-old woman had cirrhosis, and needed to be placed on the liver-transplant waitlist but she could not get on the liver-transplant waitlist there, because her urine repeatedly tested positive for alcohol.That's when doctors noticed something curious the woman's blood tests for ethanol were negative, and she did not appear intoxicated. Also, she had very high levels of glucose (sugar) in her urine, due to her poorly controlled diabetes, as well as high levels of yeast.The researchers conducted a careful experiment and saw remarkably high levels of ethanol production. Later, it was concluded that the yeasts ( closely related to brewer's yeast ) colonizing the woman's bladder were fermenting that sugar into alcohol.

There have been a few previous reports of people with diabetes who were found to have ethanol in their urine as a result of yeast fermenting sugar into alcohol.

Source : https://www.livescience.com/womans-bladder-ferments-alcohol.html
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