AAP, AAFP, ACOG's Recommended Immunization Schedule for Adul
Changes in the 2017 adult immunization schedule from the previous year's schedule include new or revised ACIP recommendations on influenza, human papillomavirus, hepatitis B, and meningococcal vaccinations -

Meningococcal Vaccine
- Adults at increased risk or during outbreaks of serogroup B meningococcal disease, the three-dose vaccine should be administered at 0, 1-2 and 6 months
- "Healthy" adolescents and adults may receive a two-dose series of MenB-FHbp at 0 and 6 months

HPV Vaccine
- The ACIP has recommended a three-dose vaccination series for women from ages 19 to 26 years, and men through age 21 years (at 0, 1-2 and 6 month intervals), though men ages 22 to 26 years may also receive the three-dose series at the same intervals
- But women and men who initiated HPV vaccination prior to age 15 only need two doses total for a complete series

Hepatitis Vaccine
- Finally, adults with various chronic liver conditions, including hepatitis C, cirrhosis, fatty liver disease and alcoholic liver disease, should receive the hepatitis B (HepB) vaccination

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