AASM release pediatric sleep recommendations
The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM), an organization that supports and promotes better sleep health, has released guidelines on the number of hours of sleep that children and teenagers need to minimize sleep related health problems.
Presented at SLEEP 2016, the findings show that in general infants younger than 12 months old need as much as 16 hours of daily sleep to ensure that they have the right amount of rest to reduce health risks. The panel reviewed 864 published scientific articles about sleep in children and teenagers to derive the guidelines which are endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Sleep Research Society and the American Association of Sleep Technologists.
Sleep is considered to be one of the essential ingredients to help the human body maintain good mental and physical health. The panel’s investigation showed that lack of sleep could compromise behavior, learning and attention span and could exacerbate mental and physical health problems. Low sleep amounts have been linked to an increased risk of accidents, hypertension, depression, obesity and diabetes. Teenagers with a sleep drought also could be more prone to suicidal thoughts, suicide and self-harm.

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