ACE inhibitors slow progression of myocardial fibrosis in pa
The researchers randomly assigned 42 patients with muscular dystrophy, myocardial fibrosis and normal ventricular function to receive or not receive ACE inhibitors.
The primary outcome was progression of myocardial fibrosis from baseline to 2 years as assessed by cardiac MR.
In an assessment of 76 patients (mean age, 13 years; 100% male; 92% with Duchenne muscular dystrophy), some of whom were not included in the randomized comparison because they had abnormal ventricular function or no myocardial fibrosis, baseline myocardial fibrosis predicted lower left ventricular ejection fraction at follow-up (coefficient, –0.16; P = .03), Marly Conceição Silva, MD, PhD, from the Heart Institute (InCor), University of São Paulo Medical School, Brazil, and colleagues wrote....{b6cd4a55-1606-447f-baee-1ec6d8663bf2}/ace-inhibitors-slow-progression-of-myocardial-fibrosis-in-patients-with-muscular-dystrophy?