ADHD : Not just a "Guy thing"?
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Vaidehee Chaudhary
ADHD : Not just a "Guy thing"?
Patient-16 year old female with a history of asocial behavior and suicidal tendencies presented with self induced vomiting and laxative abuse for the purpose of losing weight. The patient also reported a long standing difficulty reading, binging on food as a crutch and as having low self worth.

The patient was diagnosed with MDD and Bulimia Nervosa. CBT was persued over a period of eight months during which the patient recovered from the eating disorder with little to no improvement in mental state.

Patient returned post a paracetamol overdose, as a failed suicide attempt and reported feeling overwhelmed easily and an episode of an anxiety attack .
(No hyperactivity was observed during any of the routine visits)

Over the period of the following year the patient was put on variations of :

Patient complained of feeling "hazy" with no apparent improvement.

Ketamine was administered through the intranasal route, as a trial during which the patient reported severe suicidal tendencies and was henceforth discontinued.

Patient was put on Escitalopram and Clonazepam , and reported inability to "move beyond a single sentence " and "getting pulled in different trains of thought" when reading. (This was also one of the original complaints of the patient. See ref , above.)

Methylphenidate was prescribed graduating from 5mg(1× day) to 10 mg(2× day) and patient reported drastic improvement in mental clarity and depressive symptoms. Patient recieved a confirmed diagnosis of ADHD (inattentive type) .

The patient was relieved of the symptoms after a period of over 2 years, oscillating between different medications and altered doses, until the final diagnosis was made , due to the differences in presentation of ADHD in females vs males.
(further data and 3 pdf files enclosing the entire text linked below )
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