AICOG 2017 Program Schedule
AICOG 2017 has kicked off. It is the flagship event of FOGSI and has been organized this year by AOGS (Ahmedabad Obstetrics and Gynecological Society)

Date - 25 - 29 January, 2017

Main Conference Date - 27 - 29 January, 2017

Venue - Gujarat University Convention and Exhibition Centre, 132 Ring Road, Near Helmet Circle, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

The five day programme includes Paid and Free workshops, CMEs and the main conference that spans over 3 days. Attended by national and international speakers, AICOG 2017 will include key themes such as Critical Care in Obstetrics, Abnormal uterine bleeding, Caring infertiles, Minimally invasive surgeries and more.

Download the attachments to view the program schedule of AICOG 2017
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