AIIMS Rishikesh seeks undertaking from docs against protests
After the recent row over making scrub suits mandatory in AIIMS Rishikesh, a new controversy has erupted between doctors and the administration over an undertaking that forces the former to give it in writing that they won’t get involved in any kind of protest, the violation of which will result in termination of services.

According to sources, the administration has made a fresh undertaking compulsory for new joinees and those seeking contract renewal which states that they would not participate in any kind of protest, demonstration or mob activity against the institution or indulge in any activity that may adversely affect patient care during the residency period.

Dr. Pahel M Soibam, president of Resident Doctors’ Association at AIIMS Rishikesh, said that doctors at the institution are unhappy that the undertaking is being forced on them. “We have received several complaints from doctors and are trying to resolve the matter by holding talks. We do not support any kind of strike or protest but this is just a means to communicate our issues with the administration,” he added.

Meanwhile, Dr. Ravi Kant, director of AIIMS Rishikesh, refuted the doctors’ claims and said that the undertaking is nothing new. “This is an old practice and all students have submitted it so far. If someone is saying that he/she hasn’t signed it during admissions, they must haven’t read the documents properly,” he said, adding that according to Rule 7, of 1964 Central Civil Services, all government employees have to submit a similar undertaking that AIIMS doctors are being asked to follow.

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The Respected Director should provide an acceptable alternative for the ResidentDoctors Association then. A wriiten agreement for a structure to listen to their grievances and address them as and when necessary. Hopefully both the groups will come to an acceptable agreement and resolve a serious issue.
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