#AatmaNirbharPackage: PM's Address to Nation on COVID Relate
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A day after his virtual interaction with the country's chief ministers on tackling the Covid-19 menace, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation today. This is the PM's fifth address to the nation, following the outbreak of Covid-19.

Here are the updates from Modi's address to the Nation:

-Special economic package will amount to Rs 20 lakh crore which is nearly 10 pc of GDP, says PM

-"India's self-reliance will be based on five pillars -- economy, infrastructure, technology driven system, vibrant demography and demand"

-India didn't produce any PPE before COVID-19 crisis and manufactured very few N-95 masks, now we are producing 2 lakh of each of them, says Modi

-Making India self-reliant is only way to make 21st century belong to India, says PM Modi

-"Today when the entire world is in crisis, we will have to further firm up our resolve"

-"More than 2.75 lakh people have lost their lives due to the virus. In India too many families have lost their dear ones, I express my condolences to them"

-"We had never seen or heard about such a crisis ever before. This is definitely unimaginable for mankind. This was unprecedented. But humanity will not accept defeat from this virus. We have to not only protect ourselves but also move forward"

- "A virus has ravaged the world, we have never seen or heard a crisis like this"
- The world has been fighting coronavirus for 4 months now: PM Modi

- Coronavirus affected 42 lakh people globally, says Modi

- Earlier today, Modi approved ex gratia of Rs 2 lakh each to the kin of the 16 migrant labourers who were run over by a goods train in Maharashtra’s Aurangabad on May 8.
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PM speaks about a new opportunity in the Covid19 crisis, that can see India change positively, for the better.
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