Accidental discovery of bronchus carcinoma in a pt undergoin
The present case has been reported in the Saudi Journal of Anaesthesia. A left lung mass after induction and tracheal intubation, which partially was obstructing the left main bronchus, was accidentally discovered in a 56-year-old female scheduled to undergo elective total thyroidectomy.

Her preoperative chest X-ray showed a right-sided shift of the trachea. She did not have stridor or shortness of breath or superior vena cava obstructive syndrome. Induction and tracheal intubation were performed uneventfully.

Fiberoptic bronchoscopy performed and revealed complete obstruction on the left main bronchus. Excision biopsy suggested mucoepidermoid carcinoma (MEC).

MEC is one of the very rare neoplasms of the lungs. Most lesions are low grade and overall prognosis may be more favorable than other forms of lung cancer.

Learning Points:-
• The case represents early detection and management of an intraoperative event with asymptomatic preoperative patient.

• Mediastinal mass often does not cause symptoms except if it is large and is picked up incidentally by imaging studies performed for other reasons.

• In some patients, the obstruction caused by a mass on the tracheobronchial tree is not complete obstruction, and therefore, there is no obvious signs and symptoms except if the patient has a CXR finding preoperatively.

• In this case, once the patient was under anesthesia, the mass caused complete obstruction of the left main bronchus.

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