Accidental ingestion of mouth mirror head
Iatrogenic accidents during routine clinical procedures are unpredictable and can occur at times regardless of all the possible precautions taken.

Ingestion of foreign bodies has been worldwide health problem in all branches of dentistry since decade. Ingested objects during dental procedures could range from teeth, restorations, instruments, implant parts to gauze packs and impression materials.

Most ingested objects pass through the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) spontaneously, but at times need to be removed endoscopically and surgically.

Published in the International Journal of Dentistry Research, the authors report an unusual case of iatrogenic ingestion of the head of a mouth mirror in a 20year old male patient, which gets dislodged during the intraoral examination of the patient.

Radiographic surveillance was done to track the passage of the head of the mouth mirror through the GIT which was later expelled in stool within 24 hours.

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