Accidental neck and chest penetration by a metal sliver deri
Penetrating neck and chest trauma is a very common entity in emergency medicine that usually requires surgical treatment. To the best of knowledge, no similar cases were reported previously in literature.

A 27-year-old Arabian man working as a pizza maker presented to the emergency department of Isola d’Elba Hospital 1 hour after an occupational hazard occurred while he was making firewood with an axe for the wood oven of his restaurant. He stated that a metal sliver, coming from the axe using for wood chopping, penetrated his neck in the left supraclavicular region.

He did not demonstrate any clinical symptoms such as chest pain or dyspnea: respiratory excursions were full and symmetrical, lungs resonant to percussion, and vesicular breath sound was reduced in left basal field; no rales, rhonchi, wheezes, or rubs were present; vocal and tactile fremitus was reduced in the same field.

On the basis of the collected anamnestic data, he underwent a computed tomography (CT) scan that showed left hemopneumothorax, pneumomediastinum, and subcutaneous emphysema, without any signs of active bleeding. Another important radiological finding was the evidence of a metal foreign body in the left side of his chest cavity above the ipsilateral hemidiaphragm.

Source: Journal of Medical Case Reports

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