According to reports published on the official news website
According to reports published on the official news website of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the engineers from this world-famous technological talent-incubator-developer institution of the US have developed a magnetically steerable, robotic thread that is so thin that is can glide through the narrow pathways of the blood vessels in the brain.

This robotic thread can be paired with existing endovascular technologies, which will not only make it easier for doctors to operate on patients with brain diseases but will also help doctors treat blockages and lesions quicker. This development may also facilitate surgeries remotely.

The robotic thread can reduce instances of open brain surgery, and the robotic thread can be used in its place to deliver drugs to the affected parts of the brain. The new invention may also open up healthcare opportunities for people in rural and remote areas.

The robot is made with nickel-titanium alloy, which allows it to be bendy and springy, to facilitate the navigation through the blood vessels. It is also coated with a rubbery paste and magnetic particles and then coated with hydrogel, to make it smooth and friction-free.

This development will also reduce instances of open brain surgery. Patients are extremely scared of open brain surgeries because there are plenty of risks involved. While all surgical procedures have some risks associated with it, brain surgery is an important medical event in a person's life

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