Acupuncture May Help Reduce Urinary Incontinence Episodes, S
In this study, ten randomized controlled trials that compared various forms of acupuncture to control were included. The pooled analysis demonstrated that an increased proportion of women with stress UI (SUI) reported fewer UI episodes in the electroacupuncture group than in the sham group. The meta-analysis also revealed a significantly increased number of women who reported the complete cure of SUI in the electroacupuncture combined with pelvic floor muscle training group than in the medication group. Body and laser acupuncture caused significant decreases in the number of urge accidents and the occurrence of urgency symptoms, compared with sham acupuncture. Based on the findings of this review, electroacupuncture may be able to improve SUI in women in clinical settings. This review also identified evidence supporting the use of body, electro,- and laser acupuncture for the treatment of urge UI; however, these results were obtained from single studies, and further research remains necessary to confirm the effects of these interventions on the treatment of urge UI in women.