Acute Myocardial Dysfunction in Status Asthmaticus - Speckle
Objective: To determine the presence of acute myocardial dysfunction in status asthmaticus.

Methodology: Prospective studies were included acute severe asthma patients admitted to intensive care from January 2008 to September 2013. We included a control group with healthy athletes subjected to stress by "bench press n=20-" and "combat karate for 15 minutes, n=14-", SC2000-2013? Siemens Echocardiography was available in the gym. Cardiac stress response of asthmatic patients and athletes was evaluated by echocardiography. An off-line analysis by 3D Image and hybrid speckle tracking was performed. We performed analysis by means of using ANOVA test.

Results: 32 asthmatic patients (11 males) were included, with a median age of 31 (17-40 years). The age of the controls was 33.45 ± 0.9 years. The left ventricular ejection fraction was similar although septum and anterolateral segment presented segmental alterations in all acute asthmatics patients evidenced by strain and strain rate. Acute asthmatics patients had lower strain, lower velocities, less displacements, and more asynchrony versus controls.

Conclusions: Acute asthmatics patients were complicated with a myocardial dysfunction detected by speckle tracking. This tool could be useful for the proper diagnosis of critically ill patients.