Acute cerebral infarction following a Trimeresurus stejneger
Acute cerebral infarction after snake bites is rare. The underlying mechanism causing the thrombotic process remains complex and unknown.

Medicine: June 2019 - Volume 98 - Issue 23 - p e15684 describes a 49-year-old female who was bitten by a Trimeresurus stejnegeri. After 4 days of biting, she developed acute ischemic infarct. The patient exhibited right side weakness and speech disturbances. Brain computed tomography (CT) scan showed no sign about cerebral hemorrhage symptoms, and brain magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) showed acute ischemic infarct in the left territory. The patient confirmed a diagnosis of acute cerebral infarction following a T. stejnegeri bite.

The patient received an injection of polyvalent anti-snake venom serum, neuroprotective therapy, and anti-platelet aggregate treatment. At the 3-month follow-up visit, the patient's left lower extremity swelling disappeared, the right limb muscle strength recovered, and the modified Rankin scale (mRS) score was 4 points.

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