Acute gastric conduit dilatation after oesophagectomy causin
The present case has been reported in the Indian Journal of Anaesthesia.

A 45-year-old male who had received neoadjuvant chemotherapy and radiation prior to surgery underwent transthoracic oesophagectomy (TTE) under GA. The right internal jugular vein was cannulated under ultrasound guidance and the right radial artery for invasive blood pressure monitoring.

A nasogastric tube (NGT) was placed and confirmed by auscultation at the beginning of surgery after induction of anaesthesia. NGT was removed at the end of surgery as per protocol. The trachea was extubated in the surgical Intensive Care Unit (ICU) 3 h after surgery and after he was normothermic.

Eight hours after extubation, the patient became tachypnoeic (respiratory rate of more than 35/min) and oxygen saturation dropped to 88% on face mask with a flow of 10 L. On auscultation, air entry was grossly reduced in the right lung zones. Chest radiograph was ordered. The gastric conduit was massively dilated.

A size 14 NGT was placed under endoscopic guidance and confirmed on fluoroscope. 100 ml fluid was aspirated by suction after NGT placement. The patient became comfortable with improved oxygen saturation with no tachypnoea after the intervention. The dilatation had disappeared due to NGT suction and the conduit appeared normal.

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