Acute kidney injury associated with ingestion of star fruit:
All cases in our report had a history of ingesting star fruit and clinically presented as acute kidney injury (AKI). Baseline characteristics, the amount of star fruit ingested, clinical presentation and relevant investigation of all patients are summarized in [Table 1}. Case 1 and 3 ingested star fruit both as fruit and juice simultaneously. Two patients (Case 1 and 4) consumed fruit on an empty stomach and one patient (Case 2) after heavy work in hot weather. Patients became symptomatic after 10-12 h (except Case 5) of eating star fruit. The main clinical presentation was pain abdomen and decrease in urine output. The severity of renal failure was maximum in Case 1 (serum creatinine - 23.7 mg/dl) who ingested highest amount of star fruit [Table 1]. Three patients needed hemodialysis. All patients recovered completely after treatment...;year=2016;volume=26;issue=6;spage=446;epage=448;aulast=Barman
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