Acute necrotizing panophthalmitis in Chikungunya
Published in the Journal of Clinical Ophthalmology and Research, the authors report a case of acute necrotizing panophthalmitis associated with serologically proven Chikungunya infection.

A young male with a history of fever and joint pain presented to our department with sudden painful proptosis of 6 hours. A detailed ocular examination and specialized serological, imaging, and histopathological tests were performed.

Imaging studies revealed dislocated lens, suprachoroidal and vitreous hemorrhage, total retinal detachment and choroidal detachment and soft tissue edema of orbit. Although the Chikungunya virus was not isolated from vitreous tap, chorioretinal biopsy, and other eviscerated material,the serological studies were positive with high titer of recent Chikungunya infection.

Histopathology of chorioretinal biopsy and uvea revealed a acute necrotizing inflammation. Acute necrotizing panophthalmitis (ANP) can be one of the ocular manifestations of Chikungunya infection and was devastating in the present case.

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