Acute neuromyelitis in pregnancy: a case report
Neuromyelities optica (NMO), also known as Devics syndrome/disease is an autoimmune syndrome largely characterised by optic neuritis and myelities with poor recovery and a progressive course.

A 33 year old female gravida 2, para 1, living 1, with term gestation with previous normal delivery presented to our hospital with diagnosed NMO since 3 years on treatment with tab Azathioprine 50mg bd.

She had bilateral extensive myelitis and diagnosed by laboratory investigation being IgG positive and she was on tab Azothioprine 50mg BD continued throughout antenatal period and her antenatal check ups are normal and uneventful.

She delivered a single live male baby of weight 3.0 kg vaginally. Her post partum period was uneventful and is adviced to continue tab Azathioprine 50mg BD and as per paediatrician’s advice neonate’s CBC was monitored. Patient was discharged on 5th postnatal day.

Major takeaways:-
• Vigilant antepartum monitoring is necessary with active disease, it includes education about the early signs and symptoms of preeclampsia eclampsia and postpartum relapse.

• It is better to deliver the patient in an institution with a team of doctors available which include gynaecologist, anaesthetist, neurologist & paediatrician.

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