Acute urinary retention and abdominal pain: What could it be
The present case has been reported in Mayo Clinic Proceedings. A 58-year-old man presented to the emergency department with acute urinary retention and abdominal pain. Laboratory tests revealed a serum creatinine level of 20 mg/dL and blood urea nitrogen of 263 mg/dL.

A urinary catheter was placed and drained 2 L of urine. On examination, his skin was covered diffusely with a fine white powder known as “uremic frost”. These skin findings rapidly resolved over the next 48 hours with improvement of his severe uremia.

Uremic frost is a manifestation of severe azotemia where tiny, yellow-white urea crystals deposit on the skin, resulting in a frosted appearance as sweat evaporates. It is most frequently observed on areas of skin with eccrine glands and hair such as the scalp, neck, face, forearms, and chest and can be easily wiped away.

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