Adamantinoma of the tibia: a report of a new case
Adamantinoma is a bone tumor which is commonly showed in mandible. Its occurrence in long bones constitutes a rare affection and a difficult histological diagnosis.

Published in the J Orthop Case Reports, the authors report a case of adamantinoma of the tibia in a 36- years old. He presented with slowly progressing leg swelling that evolved over 2 years without significant clinical manifestation.

Complementary examination and investigation did not help in differential diagnosis and confirmation was only possible after histological examination. There was increase in size of lesion with increased pain and patie3nt presented with pathological fracture.

Local extension of the tumor indicated an amputation of leg. The histological exam of the amputation specimen confirmed the results of the initial biopsy by showing cells tumorales in favour of an adamantinoma. After a good medium-term follow up, the patient died secondary to lung metastases. The authors discuss their method of diagnosis and therapeutics in front of such tumor.

- Adamantinoma is characterized by a slow clinical development marked by the prevalence of lung metastases and local recurrences.

- After the diagnosis, there must be a complete and sufficient surgery to avoid a local recurrence or metastasis.

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